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All-America Comix #1 Review - Why is Miss America in an Image Comic?

Joe Casey (Writer) • Dustin Nguyen (Artist) • Brad Simpson (Colors)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Get it now from Green Brain Comics

All America Comix #1was a random addition to the comics pile a few weeks ago. I had no idea what to expect aside from the fact that the lead character is clearly a reskin of America Chavez. I've never read a Miss America comic so I don't know much about her. I know she's a divisive character depending on what circle of fandom you associate with.

I'm not sure Why America Chavez is being repurposed here for image comics. I'll dig into the situation after posting the review. I think it's more important to get my thoughts out regarding the actual comic than any of the background shenanigans.

The comic itself is pretty good. I won't call the book woke but the character definitely has a progressive bent. I'd consider this to be the most honest and topical take on a "progressive" Superhero ever.

America is described as a screenager. This means that she's been plugged into some sort of technology since she was a kid. This also means she's a product of my generation or younger. The personality type reminds me of my 15-year-old daughter so I lean younger. America and my Daughter are trying to find their way in life. They are both idealists and still believe that they can change the world. I find this to be an endearing quality in any superhero.

Vasquez rebels against all authority figures or agendas but wear's the colors of her grandfather who fought in Vietnam. She tries to honor him as a reminder that there are more wars to fight. Vietnam was often seen as a war of convenience with the soldiers being called baby killers or even worst upon returning home.

I doubt America Vasquez would support the Vietnam war considering she's a screenager with access to the internet and information surrounding the war. This represents a blind spot in her logic which I believe is intentional. The character is so informed by social media and her peer group. Yet pushes back against groupthink. I thought this was a wonderful contradiction as I was reading.

As the story goes on she interacts with this world's version of the Avengers and Dr. Doom. She clearly wants no part of being an Avenger. She's shown to know the issues and be extremely powerful but having knowledge and power without wisdom can lead to costly and disastrous mistakes as we find our way in the world.

America states that she doesn't play defense which is another way of saying that she doesn't strategize or think longterm before committing to a course of action. At one point during her encounter with Dr. Doom, he confronts her with her own naivety. Sure he's a dictator but he has zero unemployment and Homelessness. She responds yeah but his people aren't free. Her approach is simple-minded in light of a large complicated issue but you support America because her heart is genuinely in the right place.

I often see liberals and progressives on twitter rallying around causes that sound great on paper but don't quite mesh with reality. When the two sides of the issue collide things immediately blow up because the most basic of Ideas are generally considered when a solution is presented.

I'd like to see this take on the character grow and mature as the series goes on. There is a lot of potentials and I find America's internal monologues fascinating. She's the most interesting zoomer character I've run across in comics and I'd hate to see the character wasted. I didn't expect to like this comic but I'm genuinely interested in the direction of the series if it continues.

Dustin Nguyen does a great job in storytelling and gets a lot of mileage with this material. The comic gives origin, action as well as interdimensional travel. The climax of the issue is a mindfuck that America _ is probably not gonna be able to handle on her own. This is a nice launch. Maybe I'll check out Miss American and see what the fuss is about.


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