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American Jesus: The New Messiah #1 Review - What If All of the Religious Conspiracies Were True...

Mark Millar (Writer) • Peter Gross (Pencils)

Jeanne McGree (Colorist) • Jodie Muir - Frank Quitely (Cover Artists)

Image Comics (Publisher)

One of the most visionary writers working today is Mark Millar. He was one of my favorite creators in the early 2000's when he collaborated with Bryan Hitch on The Ultimates. In the past couple of years, he's been on fire.

I just reviewed Space Bandits #4 a few days ago and gave it a 10/10. American Jesus has a totally different vibe but it still a master class in storytelling and shows off Mark's versatility as a writer.

Luciana has been having dreams of carrying the child of God since she was a very young girl. This continues throughout her teenage years. She starts dating and shortly into her relationship she inexplicitly becomes pregnant. The problem is that she's still a virgin.

The story isn't anything new. We've seen Christ reborn across fiction. I'm currently reviewing two other titles centering around Christ's return in the current year. American Jesus is easily the best of the bunch. Like Chrononauts, American Jesus is the second volume of a series that I didn't read. Reading this issue I didn't get the impression that I was missing anything though.

The book touches on a lot of Biblical prophecies that you've probably heard of if you've been in religious circles. I was raised in a religious family so I was right at home with the material.

The Characters are intriguing. Luciana feels like a real child just getting her footing in life. The most powerful scene in the book involves a very real scenario you hear about but don't really see depicted. Mark rarely shies away from controversy and he's learned to pick his spots over the years. Where Chrononauts is over the top action and exploration. American Jesus brings a millennia-old story into into modern day.

Not much to say about the art direction. The pencils don't really jump out one way or another. The artist doesn't really get a lot to do in this issue outside of basic slice of life stuff so Ill reserve judgment. The script is the prime driver of this story. On another note the covers are amazing.

I can't find any fault with this story. American Jesus is amazing and I left the issue mouth open and pondered potential story direction. If you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend it.

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Rating A+

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