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Aquaman #41 Review - Mera Gets Wet

Dan Abnett (Author) • Lan Medina (Pencils)

Gabe Eltaeb (Colorist) • Riccardo Federici (Cover Artist)

DC Comics (Publisher)

Riccardo Federici (Cover Artist)

Aquaman/Justice League Drowned Earth was the DC crossover that was released in conjunction with the Aquaman movie last year. (This review is Late AF).

I reviewed Justice League #10 which was the first prelude. I don't recall being all that impressed with the comic. Thankfully Dan Abnett steps it up. This issue does a great job of setting up the conflict for our heroes.

Prior to seeing Aquaman last year I had no idea who Mera was. She was a great co-lead in the film and that portrayal of the character meshes well with her depiction in this issue as she takes center stage.

Various ocean deities have decided to drown the Planet Earth. They have already captured Aquaman (Justice League #10). While those events are taking place Mera is left to defend Atlantis as it has also begun to be submerged.

I'm not all that familiar with DC's version of Atlantis so it came as a surprise that Atlanteans can be drowned at all. The water submerging Atlantis is also turning anyone that comes in contact with it into monsters. Mera does her best to hold back the flood and as she struggles she also reached out to the Justice League for help. She makes contact with Batman who informs her that The league isn't available and that Aquaman is missing. As Atlantis falls Mera reaches out to the only person that may be able to assist, the Ocean Master.

The Riccardo Federici cover is worth the price of admissions of love. The cover is fantastic and surprisingly ties directly into the events of the book. Lan and Gabe do an adequate job of conveying the tension and horror of the situation. I do think that the color choices maybe a little too bright for the story being told. The opening shot of Mera is amazing. There are also some great action and horror beats conveyed throughout the issue. The designs of the twisted Atlanteans are terrifying The main complaint I have with this issue lies with the busted continuity of the DC Universe. In this arc, the world is being flooded. To my knowledge, this event isn't referenced in any of the other DC books aside from the Drowned Earth tie-ins.

Batman is also in a full-body cast. I'm behind on my comic reviews but I'm pretty sure Bruce isn't mangled in any series outside of Justice League. The continuity issues are glaring unless you just don't care. For me as a longtime reader, the total apathy in regards to story continuity is glaring. In a vacuum or as a trade I'm sure it won't matter but if you're buying these comics monthly it's jarring.

The event officially starts with the conclusion of this issue. I'm more interested in the story now than before which is probably the best compliment I can give. My initial impression of the storyline from Justice League #10 is the main reason It took me such a long time to dive back in.

Rating B

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