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Aquaman #42: Drowned Earth Tie-in Review - Fathers and Sons

Dan Abnett (Author) • Lan Medina (Pencils)

Gabe Eltaeb (Colorist) • Ben Oliver (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher)

My last Drowned Earth review boiled down to Scott Snyder joggling too many plot points which led to what felt like a mess of a comic. Aquaman #42 validates my criticism. This book picks up immediately from the Justice League cliffhanger. Arthur is on the verge of death and must find his way back to our reality.

The comic focuses on Arthur and the relationship he has with his father. The story also speaks on Aquaman's destiny. Throughout the issue, we see him overcome various obstacles thrown his way.

We've seen this trope many times across fiction but it still manages to be effective here. Prior to seeing the Aquaman film, I had no knowledge of Aquaman's familial situation. DC's characters tend to be more stoic and Godlike. the focus on the father-son relationship ground's the character and makes the entire issue more relatable.

Aside from scenes with dad the rest of the issue pushes the Drowned Earth story forward. Diana and Aquaman confront Poseidon. The interactions between these three characters are great and are a nice change of pace. Dan Abnett doesn't have to bounce between several groups of characters so the story is easier to digest.

The Ben Oliver variant cover for this issue is God-Tier and pulls from the Aquaman film for inspiration. The covers for this event have been generally been great and if a cover gallery for the event is ever released. I'd buy it.

Lan Medina's artwork also serves the story well. The event has had problems throughout. One of them has been the inconsistent art choices. Medina's character models are clear, distinct and the monsters whenever they appear are horrifying.

All of these elements combine to make a compelling issue. It works as a single issue of Aquaman and also works to strengthen the Drowned Earth event. I've never been a huge fan of the character but with this storyline and the film, I at least have a newfound respect for the character.

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Rating 9/10

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