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Archangel 8 #1 Review - Simple Yet Satisfying

Michael Moreci (Writer) • C.P. Smith (Pencils)

Snakebite Cortez (Colorist) • Jeff Dekal (Cover Artist)

AWA Studios - Artists Writers & Artisans (Publisher)

Archangel #8 is another AWA title that hits all of the right notes as a launch title. I probably would have changed the name slightly and just called it "Archangel" but I get it. Marvel's lawyers would have probably come knocking. The comic is a bit cliche. Almost every element in the series has been done before but Michael Moreci sells it anyway and Archangel 8 turns out to be a thoroughly engrossing experience by the end.

There isn't a lot presented to the reader about the overarching plot in this installment. The book follows 8 as he prepares for an assassination run. We also aren't given much information about the target but apparently, the two men know each other and worked together in the past. 8 is visibly shaken but steels himself for the task at hand.

From there get set several scenes of 8 gathering info about #####. What sells this issue is the atmosphere and the intimacy we share with the lead character. Most of the dialogue in the book is internal. We get significant details about 8. We learn his value system, thoughts on religion, and his process of preparing for a hit. We even get some philosophy thrown in for good measure. All of the details went a long way in making me care about 8 and his mission.

Everything else is pretty straight forward. The action is great, there is also a decent cliffhanger that adds additional unexpected elements to the series. I brought the comic because of the amazing Jeff Dekal cover and hadn't actually read up on what the series was about. I recommend going into the series blind as I did and avoiding spoilers.

There isn't much to hate here. The series feels like Punisher with a dash of Preacher. The action is great, the story - title character are interesting and the art from C.P. Smith is amazing. This is another win for AWA.

Rating 9/10

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