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Archangel 8 #2 Review - God's Wrath

Michael Moreci (Writer) • C.P. Smith (Pencils)

Snakebite Cortez (Colorist) • Jeff Dekal (Cover Artist)

AWA Studios - Artists Writers & Artisans (Publisher) • Get it Now from Comixology

Back in the '90s, someone had the bright idea to kill off the Punisher. Someone then had an even better idea to bring Frank Castle back as an avenging angel with supernatural abilities.

It was an utterly bizarre idea that was quickly retconned by Garth Ennis. Today the Punisher Angel storyline serves as a nice piece of trivia rather than one that anyone takes as a definitive storyline. Archangel 8 seems to be telling a story with a similar basis but where the Punisher storyline was kinda ridiculous, Archangel 8 gets it right in a way that I don't believe Marvel ever could.

The issue follows Archangel 8 as he continues his mission. The book is beyond brutal. The opening sequence highlights the price of failure in this setting. The book then shifts to our female antagonist. She's developing into an interesting antagonist/rival and we get to see her deal with a couple of assassins sent her way.

The comic finally ends with one of the best action sequences I've read this year. The fight involves 8 and the cartel from the last issue. Things begin getting dicey for 8 and even worse as the other Archangels show up.

Archangel 8 #2 is flat-out awesome. The MVP's of the comic are C.P. Smith and Snakebite Cortez. The comic is dark and gritty as well as deeply cinematic. The story is fictional but feels a step outside of reality. Archangel 8 contains supernatural elements but those aspects of the story have been subdued arent the focus as of yet.

The script is also pretty friggin sweet. The pacing is perfect. The issue feels like a real comic and not a superfluous issue written for the trade. I love this world and the characters within the series so far. It's hard to believe but I think this is just the beginning of something epic.

Rating: God-Tier

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