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Basketful of Heads #2 Review - The Axe Falls ... (Spoilers)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Joe Hill (Writer) • Leomacs (Pencils)

Dave Stewart (Colorist) Becky Cloonan (Cover Artist)

DC Comics - Hill House Comics (Publisher)

Of all of the initial offerings from DC Comics Hill House Imprint Basket Full of Heads was my favorite. It's not a particularly scary story. It feels kookier than anything even though there are supernatural horror elements to the story. Those aspects combined with the great characterization and tension throughout the issue make up for the series not being all that scary so far.

Daphe Byrne and Dollhouse Family are a bit scarier but Basket Full of Heads stands out because the characters feel real, relatable and are generally likable. You don't want to see them hurt or killed which is a testament to the impression left by the first issue.

The comic picks up after last issues cliffhangers. The criminals are in the House and June is hiding in a clothes hamper. There's no explanation of what happened with Liam at the conclusion of the previous chapter. The implications are that things aren't good.

Eventually, June comes out of her hiding spot and is immediately caught by one of the bad guys. This becomes a game of cat and mouse that leads to June getting her hands on an Axe with supernatural properties. She dispatches the bad guy decapitating him but surprisingly he doesn't die.

Hence the name of the series...

The linework from Leomacs is amazing. There is a cool fluidity in the action and a lot of tense emotion in the exchanges between characters. The body language of the characters is also great. There are scenes where you don't even need dialogue to know how the characters are feeling in the moment and that's always great.

Comic books are a visual medium and many creators seem to forget that. The colors are also worth propping out. A lot of Horror comics are dark and drab. Basket Full of Heads is dark but the colors contrast with the dark background making the characters stand out even more. I'm not an art snob so I may be saying that wrong. Long story short I really liked the art direction for the issue.

The only complaint I have is that at the end of this issue we're just leaving what would traditionally be first issue territory. Both issues could have been condensed into one comic. Lack of story progression is a huge pet peeve of mine and even though I liked the issue It still bugs me when editors fall asleep at the wheel. I still think the series is worth reading in single-issue format but If you're waiting for the trade I wouldn't blame you.

Rating: 8.5/10

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