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Batman #62 Review - Gorgeous Art/Garbage Writing

Tom King (Writer) • Mitch Gerads (Pencils - Cover)

• Frank Miller & Alex Sinclair (Variant)

DC Comics (Publisher)

My last Batman review was a few months ago. I remember being confused and not much else about the issue. I definitely didn't remember Batman being captured by Professor Pyg.

This is the second book in the Nightmare arc which covers a series of dreams Bruce is having. The concept is cool but there isn't much recap which makes reading this issue in a vacuum and understanding whats going on practically impossible.

Mitch Gerard is a fantastic artist and the linework and color direction are simply stunning. Most of the book revolves around Batman's fight with Pyg. It's an awesome back and forth exchange between the characters and would have been an absolutely amazing silent issue.

What takes me out of the comic is the absolute trash dialogue and scripting from Tom King. King's use of repetition combined with the dreamlike nature of the story makes actually reading the comic a chore.

Line's of dialogue are repeated over and over again with slight variations. This happens throughout the book and by the time I put it down, I wasn't just irritated I was pissed. The art is so good that it prevents me from giving the issue an absolute fail but as great as the art direction is the script is the exact opposite.

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