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Batman #65 Review - Can Joshua Williamson just take over...

The Price of Vengeance: Part 3 (Continued in Flash #65)

Joshua Williamson (Writer) • Guillem March (Pencils)

Tomeu Morey (Colors) • Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn (Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now from Comixology

In addition to Batman/Flash: The Price I'm also reviewing Peter Tomasi's run on Detective comics. Both Bat-books have been amazing so it's hard not to see Tom King as the obvious weak link dragging the character down.

I have about 20 more issues of the Tom King run to review and I'm hoping against hope that It gets better but based on the reviews I've seen floating around I doubt it. I hear that James Tynion's run on the character has been great so at least there is light at the end of this tunnel of shit.

Flash #64, The Price of Innocence was a beautifully written and drawn comic. It laid all of Bruce Wayne's failures with his sidekicks bare. This issue follows up with Bruce's acknowledgment of his shortcomings. The come opens with Batman and Flash taking down the Gotham doppelgangers before the situation escalates and the two men are forced to team-up and battle Gotham Girl and the recently resurrected Gotham who head to Central City and wreak havoc.

Barry's frustration with Bruce's tunnel vision boils over as Flash abandons Batman to face Gotham and Gotham Girl on his own. The two took on the entire Justice League by themselves. What chance does a solo speedster have?

Batman #65 has a lot going for it. The pace is great, the script is awesome but the standout aspect of the comic is the art direction. The scenes of Flash Vs The Gotham kids are glorious and Batman's desperation to save Flash from getting himself killed is perfectly captured on the page.

I think that the Psycho-Pirate is the main influencer behind the events of the story. That would further tie "The Price" storyline to Heroes in Crisis. The connections between the two storylines are there but this crossover could be totally removed as a tie-in and work on its own.

The only knock I can give to the issue is the cover. The picture shows Flash vibrating through the Batmobile with Batman jumping out of it. At first glance, it looks okay but the perspective of Batman seems off and it got worse the longer I looked at it. I won't hold it against the comic though because otherwise, the issue is a perfect and welcome diversion from Tom King's fuckery.

Rating: GOD-TIER