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Batman: Last Knight on Earth Book 1 Review AKA Old Man Batman

Scott Snyder (Author) • Greg Capullo (Pencils)

FCO Plascencia (Colorist) • Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Recommend (Yes)

I haven't had a regular review schedule in months and in that time my pull has decreased by about 80% due to series endings or cancellation. I don't really read Marvel and DC has pulled back on it's comic publishing line significantly.

I have very few DC comics anymore on my pull anymore and what's left is mainly Batman related. I think I'm starting to feel Batman fatigue. Last Knight on Earth is possibly the best issue of Batman I've read this year. It's also written and illustrated by DC Darlings Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The review is objective but I do believe that Batman is being overexposed by DC brass.

The only thing I knew about the title going in was that the story would have a horror bent and that Batman would be teaming up with the disembodied head of the Joker.

The story starts off playing on the idea that maybe Bruce Wayne is actually crazy. This is an idea that gets floated all the time with writers walking the idea to the ledge before pulling back.

This segment of the book was my favorite but immediately gets subverted by the reality of the situation and setting. I didn't find the reveal to be all that interesting as the post-apocalyptic/ dystopian genre is also overexposed.

The issue is largely setup and if you're a fan of Snyder's Batman this issue is a can't miss. Greg Capullo's art is gorgeous and his linework fits Batman like a glove. The scenes of Bruce Wayne as an Arkham patient are particularly impressive.

The only knock I can levy at the comic goes back to DC's overall direction and not this book specifically. There are too many Bat projects out there. Although this is a solid launch and I wish that the publisher would put the same energy and creativity into its other characters.

I feel that Scott Snyder has been somewhat pigeonholed as "The Batman guy" even though he's one of the best comic writers working today. The same can be said for Greg Capullo. There are several characters I'd love to see these creators work on but it feels like that ship may have sailed.

To sum things up, Last Knight on Earth is a solid start to a post-apocalyptic Batman yarn. If Bruce Wayne was a decade or two older I would call this story "Old Man Batman". The pitch and execution give a similar vibe to that classic storyline. If you're a fan of the character or creators you can't go wrong here.

Rating A

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