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Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1 Review - DC Comics - Just buy the TMNT License Already!

James Tynion IV (Writer) • Freddie E. Williams II (Pencils)

Jeremy Colwell Colorist) • DC Comics | IDW Publishing (Publisher)

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I read both installments of the Batman/TMNT crossovers. Both volumes had been better than they had any right too when presented on paper. Both series managed to stay true to the characters while adding depth to the overall mythos. It's a shame that both series are probably outside of continuity because It would be pretty awesome to see the Turtles and Batman regularly interact with each other's rogues galleries. If the trilogy has proven nothing else its that the grounded nature of the TMNT Rogues and the Batman Villains are a match made in comic heaven.

Batman/TMNT III takes the Amalgam Comics route and mashes the franchises together. In this issue, Batman seems to be the field leader of "Clan Hamato". Splinter and Alfred have been combined and the Turtles seem to be mashed up with the various Robins.

The villains are the "Smile Clan". led by a mashed up Shredder and Joker known here as "The Laughing Man". There are a couple of other combos I won't spoil but like the original Marvel/DC amalgam comics line part of the fun was breaking down the mixed-up characters.

The comic is insane and the coolest aspects of the book are the mixed-up designs of the characters. I particularly liked seeing the new designs on the turtles. As usual, Freddie E. Williams II delivers the goods and produces a gorgeous comic.

The issue doesn't do much aside from introduce us to the current status quo and hint that something is very wrong with this universe. During a confrontation with The Laughing Man Bruce sees his true form as Joker and it springboards the crux of the series which will be probably fixing and separating the timelines. We're in the setup phase of the series but there is enough meat here that the issue didn't feel decompressed or paced for the trade. We're in good hands with Tynion and Williams

Rating: 8.5/10