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Batman: Three Jokers #2 Review - The Recipe For The Perfect Joker (Spoilers)

Updated: Jan 26

Geoff Johns (Writer) • Jason Fabok (Pencils)

Brad Anderson (Colors) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Three Jokers #1 was easily one of the best single issues of 2020. This issue isn't quite as good but it's still considerably better than a bulk of the books on the shelves today by a lot. The issue also had a spectacular cliffhanger. One of the Jokers is dead and the Red Hood killed him.

This issue deals with the fallout of "The Clown's" murder. It also spends its time hashing out the long game of the Joker's plan. There are more grisly scenes throughout the issue. Jason Todd also gets the strongest and most emotional moments in this installment.

On the other side of the aisle, we gain a lot more insight into the Jokers that are left (Criminal and The comedian) and their differences. It's revealed early on that "The Comedian" is definitely the Joker from The Killing Joke. It's also suggested that "The Criminal" is the oldest of the trio. There are some amazing twists and turns throughout the book. It reads fast but is packed with enough information and detail that it reads like the comic equivalent of soul food.

The book is also drop-dead gorgeous. If you were trying to get someone into comics this would be a great place to start. Jason Fabok illustrates, action, subtlety, and intrigue with equal vigor and provides iconic incarnations take on all parties involved in this story. This is a textbook example of great comic book storytelling.

Legendary comic creator Gerry Conway recently suggested that monthly comics should be scrapped in favor of Graphic Novels. I don't totally agree with Gerry's assessment but I do believe that we need more stories like Three Jokers and less decompressed story arcs and events. I'm expected to read and collect over 40 issues of "King in Black" next year. That event will run hundreds of dollars easily and will more than likely be retconned within a few years. It's a scam and I doubt the industry can sustain much more of it. I'd much rather read a short self-contained storyline like Three Joker or a graphic novel collecting the series than 70+ issues of filler.

Titles like Batman: Three Jokers and TMNT: The Last Ronin will be evergreen and represent a throwback as well as a possible future for the industry. We need leaner storylines, more mature titles, a lot more fun, and creators that genuinely give a damn.

These are qualities that Batman: Three Jokers embody and should be celebrated.

Rating: GOD-TIER

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