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Batman: Three Jokers #3 Review - The Best And Most Inconsequential Batman Story Ever

Updated: Jan 26

Geoff Johns (Writer) • Jason Fabok (Pencils)

Brad Anderson (Colors) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Three Jokers is easily the best Batman story I've read since Scott Snyder's Zero Year. Each issue has been stellar and layer atop the established mythos established by some of the best Batman stories ever told. This works as a gift and curse for the creative team. The series sticks the landing but doesn't provide a definitive take on any of the principal characters.

The plot of Three Jokers is resolved. Most of the questions are answered and the story wraps nicely. Although I'm not blown away by the outcome of the issue what's not up for debate is how neatly this particular story ends.

The strongest and coolest element of the story is the subtext that all of the principal players seem to know more about each other than they would ever let on under normal circumstances. This goes a long way in establishing Three Joker as an out of continuity spiritual sequel to "Killing Joke", "Death in The Family", and "Under The Red Hood". It takes the aforementioned threads and weaves them into something new. I wouldn't be surprised if we get another standalone sequel a few years from now pulling the strings established here.

Jason Fabok's linework work continues to be amazing. My favorite aspect of the art is the distinct looks given to each of the Jokers. The art direction of the series has been incredible and on top of being a top-notch story, the timeless presentation of the series has been one of the highpoints of 2020.

Although I can't give Batman: Three Joker's #3 the God-Tier rating, the comic is about as solid and edgy as you can get in a mainstream comic book. I can't really cite any flaws in the narrative or storytelling but I did want a bit more out of the ending. It takes the themes to their obvious conclusions and confirms suspicions that readers may have had for decades.

Rating: 9.5/10

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