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Big Girls #1 Review - Attack of the 50Ft Woman

Jason Howard (Writer-Artist) • Image Comics (Publisher)

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I saw Big Girls #1 on the shelf of my local comic shop. I flipped through the comic and put it back down. It looked interesting but wasn't enough to push me over the edge to purchase. A couple of days later I saw a "Comics Matter" video covering the book and I decided to give it a shot.

In this setting, we're not giving the reason for why things are bad, we're dropped into the middle of a nightmare. Every child born in this setting has to be registered. The fear is this world is that boys may grow into Kaiju sized monsters (Jacks) while girls potentially grow exponentially in size.

The series follows "The Preserve" and the organization within it that are working to contain the threat. On the ground, there is High Marshall James Tannik and his crew. In the air, there is Ember who is one of the titular "Big Girls".

The comic does a great job of illustrating the roles of the organization. We see James and his crew in what appears to be a routine mission to investigate a father trying to hide the fact that his child is a "Jack". We also see Ember in her role as a protector against the monsters as she attempts to take one down.

There is a huge WTF moment that occurs about midway through the issue that cemented the series on my comic book pull list. I won't spoil it here but it shows just how far the organization will go to contain the threat.

Aside from the shock factor, the comic is a lot of fun and the concept is unique. The idea that all of the male characters are a risk to destroy the city could have been a "woke" mess but men are treated with empathy and I was able to relate to the situation on a human level. It's a horrible scenario but it's also a "Is what it is" situation.

Jason Howard does a good at conveying size and scale. This is very important whenever you're contrasting giant characters and their normal human-sized allies. The art is sketchy and kinda rough but is energetic and the action sequences are nice. On a side note, I'd love to see Brian Hitch's take on this material.

I'm not sure how much mileage Jason will be able to get out of the "Big Girls" concept but this is a nice start to the series. It blends a few genres into a unique concept and I'll stick with the series at least through the first arc. If you're a fan of giant monsters and cheesy sci-fi, Big Girls may be the series for you.

Rating: 8.5/10