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Blood Realm: Shadowed Kingdom #3 (of 3) Review - Into the Mouth of Madness

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Robert Geronimo (Writer-Artist ) • Publisher (AlternaComics)

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With Blood Realm: Shadowed Kingdom #3 we conclude our second run in this setting. Olek, our POV character continues his journey into the mouth of madness.

This issue along with the rest of the series is a head trip. The visuals conjure heavy H.P. Lovecraft vibes and the journey reminds me of my travels through the deep roads of Dragon Age. Robert Geronimo manages to outdo himself with the visual and also manages to subvert expectations several times throughout the issue.

It's not the deepest of issues despite the stunning visuals. The comic is still entertaining and taken as a whole this series is still fun to read. My only gripe with the issue is that I think that narratively cheats with the ending. The comic isn't bad but the ending comes out of nowhere and really isn't seeded anywhere in the issue or the series. You'll either see this as a clever reveal or a cheat, I saw it as a cheat.

The conclusion reveals that a third chapter is being released in 2020. I'm still excited to see what comes next, but I'd really like to see some of these narrative threads tie together. The ending reveals a huge change in the status quo for the setting. It would be a shame if the conclusions of volume 1 and 2 have no ramifications for the third series.

In conclusion, the issue was pretty good but a bit of a letdown. Taken as a whole, Shadowed Kingdom will be a fun read in one sitting, it just doesn't land the ending this time around. This may be a consequence of confining the series to 3 issues or setting up a bigger world for an even bigger payoff. We'll find out soon enough when volume 3 is released.

Issue Rating 7.5/10

Series Rating 8/10

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