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Blood Realm Vol: 3 #1 Review - Days of Future Past

Robert Geronimo (Writer-Artist ) • Publisher (AlternaComics)

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I believe that Blood Realm Vol: 3 #1 was the last Alterna title I purchased from my Local Comic Shop prior to the COVID -19 lockdown.

Since then Alterna Comics has left Diamond distribution. You can still get the books from local comic shops but it's arguably a lot harder if your shop is a Diamond loyalist. I've been ordering my books directly from the publisher. I would have rather ordered from the shop but what can you do?

Before getting into the review proper I wanted to mention that I saw a post from Blood Realm Creator Robert Geronimo a couple of weeks back celebrating that the series had eclipsed $25,000 units sold. This is a huge accomplishment. It's especially big when you consider all of the nonsense that Altera Comics is subject to within the industry. The numbers are bigger than many mainstream books are getting in their entire runs and. Kudos to all involved in the project. I'm glad that it's resonating with an appreciative audience.

The new Blood Realm is the 3rd installment in the Dark Fantasy series. Each series has taken place in a different time and location. This one is no different and pushes the setting into a future far removed from anything we've seen before.

The change in setting may initially be jarring but after a few pages, it's clear that this is still Blood Realm. The art direction is just as distinct as in prior volumes. The overlaps between the medieval setting of the futuristic technology blend together nicely. It's a swing for the fences and I do appreciate Robert taking a chance with the IP. Most creators would play it safe and stick to what has been working so far.

This time around we're following Kyron Morvel, a Soldier from the era of the "Old Gods". He wakes up to find that his old world is gone. The enemies have apparently won the conflict and new enemies fused with futuristic technology stalk the landscape. We don't get much insight into Kyron's character but he's clearly a badass man out of time with a sense of duty. There is also a reason he was chosen for the task at hand but it has not been revealed as of yet.

I'm a big fan of Blood Realm as you may have guessed from this comic and my prior reviews on the series. I don't have an issue with the story but I do wish that the continuity was a bit tighter. It almost feels like Robert is a dungeon master and each volume of Blood Realm is him firing up a tabletop new campaign. I don't mind because Blood Realm is a nice value proposition. The characters and worldbuilding is always interesting but I'm thinking a secondary title with slightly more linear progression may be a good idea for the setting down the line.

The good thing is that the world of Blood Realm is constantly evolving and that bolds well for the series as it continues to keep you guessing about what comes next.

Rating 8.5/10

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