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Blood Realm Vol: 3 #2 Review - The Return of The Mack

Robert Geronimo (Writer-Artist ) • Publisher (AlternaComics)

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I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my interest in Blood Realm has wanned coming into this review. The art and storytelling have always been great but the total disconnect between volumes has made it hard to be as invested in the narrative as I would like. You can pick any issue of any of the three volumes and enjoy them for what they are but I'm a stickler for continuity and there really hasn't been any to this point aside from subtle nods to events or the state of the setting itself.

Fortunately, this installment does a great job in bridging the gap be between volumes. A lot of new and interesting elements are presented. We also learn what happened in the aftermath of the first series. I've been asking for any sort of follow-up since Blood Realm Vol: 2 #1. The follow-up was a big deal for me and was nice to see even if it's not the direct sequel I really wanted.

In addition to filling the gaps, we get more information about our protagonist. We learn where Kyron comes from and why he was chosen for this mission to take down The Unbridled One. This is a pretty dark story that fits perfectly within the dark fantasy world Robert Geronimo has created.

The script also highlights that nothing ever gets better or changes for the better in this world. There are literally thousands of years between series. Even with Kyron Morvel accepting the call of adventure history suggests that even in victory there may be no light at the end of the tunnel.

I loved this issue for finally tying some loose ends together. It's also a nice novelty to see the continued meld of Sci-fi Horror and Fantasy concepts into a new story that doesn't discard what's come before. I'm still not quite as excited about the conclusion of this volume. I think the lack of excitement is more a result of the basic storytelling formula being cracked rather than the creative team losing a step.

Blood Realm is still fun and looks great. It has a lot of surprises and you'll get more out of this issue if you've followed the series from the beginning. The book also has one of the densest settings you'll run across when visiting your local comic shop. You can't lose with Blood Realm even if a bit of the luster has worn off.

Rating: 9/10