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Bloodshot Salvation #11 Review - The Perfect Single Issue

Jeff Lemire (Author) • Doug Braithwaite (Pencils)

Jordie Bellaire (Colorist) • Kenneth Rocafort (Cover Artist)

Valiant Comics (Publisher)

It's always a pleasure to dive back into Bloodshot Salvation. Even without much information on the character or lore, Salvation continues to provide a clinic on what it takes to make a great comic. The art, stakes, threat, and actions are top-notch and portrayed at a level few creative teams are able to produce.

Bloodshot #11 has a lot of action beautifully portrayed throughout the issue by Doug Braithwaite. The linework epic and every action sequence suitably brutal. I also want to call attention to Jordie Bellaire's colors. I've been running into a lot of comics that are bland to look at even when the pencils are great. Jordie makes sure every scene is lit properly and the variety in colors adds depth to every encounter. There fire, ice, and excitement throughout this issue and everything is rendered gloriously.

Jessie gets to show off her abilities in a pretty awesome opening setpiece. Meanwhile, in the far future, Bloodshot finally encounters his target and prepares to assassinate him. Bloodshot is hit with a helluva moral dilemma. Does he kill an innocent family man in order to save his own? The past and future settings are both great. This is a testament to the writing and pacing ability of Jeff Lemire.

In the present, the action continues to ramp up when Rampage makes another appearance. We also get an extended cameo from Punk Mambo. Mambo is a cool character but she has a really shit design. She appears to be weird for weirdness's sake. Appearance aside, she plays a major role in the issue and its great to see Jeff weave other Valiant properties into the series without being intrusive. Just like with Shadowman and Ninja-K, I want to see more Mambo stories. I just wish they would fix her hair.

This issue ends on a cliffhanger that I can see going either way for our hero. He's clearly making a deal with the devil, and the devil is known to lie.

Bloodshot #11 is the type of single issue that makes you realize just how mediocre comics really have become. This issue along with the rest of the series has been outstanding. If you aren't reading Salvation I suggest you either collect the single issues or pick up the trades. The series is a must-read.

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Rating A+

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