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Bloodshot Salvation #12 Review - Jeff Lemire's Bloodshot is God-Tier

Jeff Lemire (Writer) • Doug Braithwaite (Pencils)

Jordie Bellaire (Colorist) • Kenneth Rocafort (Cover Artist)

Valiant Comics (Publisher)

Bloodshot Salvation ended up being one of the best mini-series I've ever read. I'd never read a Bloodshot comic before. I don't even know if I'd ever picked up a Valiant book prior to 2018. I'm finally closing out this series of reviews and looking back it's been a master class of a series.

This issue covers Bloodshot finally escaping the future after completing his mission of killing an innocent man for Baron Samedi. He runs into conflict with the future version of himself recently introduced to the series. In addition to the situation in the future, we get an epic battle between Omen led by Peter and Rampage v the oldskool members of Rising Spirit. It's very brutal and very awesome.

It's an amazing battle depicted from the opening page of the issue to the bittersweet conclusion. I've read the two series released after Salvation. The heart and emotional core of the character seem to have left with Lemire.

It's maybe cliche to say but Jeff really gets this character or at the very least gets what makes him work. The entire series has felt like an odyssey and seeing Bloodshot succeed despite all of the challenges and setbacks really gave me a fuzzy feeling inside.

The art direction of Doug and Jordie is also incredible. I first noticed Jordie Bellaire's work in Britannia and I'm impressed with every title I've seen her name attached to. Doug's linework keeps up the intensity throughout the issue and meshes perfectly with the action and emotional beats Jeff provides here.

Very few series manage to stick the landing as well as Bloodshot Salvation. The conclusion solidifies the book as one of my favorite series of all time and earns my first God-Tier Rating.


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