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Brand Review - The Journey begins with a single step

Antonio Brice (Writer) • Caanan White (Pencils-Cover)

• Kid Ikaris (Colorist) • • Ikari Press (Publisher)

• Back Brand: Way of the Gun on Indiegogo

Brand is probably the biggest story I've ever seen packed into a 48-page comic. I admire the cascading story being presented but I think that the book may be covering too much ground in a single installment and may lose some people.

The book focuses on two main protagonists, Dawn and David. The story is a bit of a prequel taking place 5 years in the past. David is already established in his journey while Dawn is just getting started. The story flips between the characters while touching base with the central villains of the story.

The way the story transitions reminded me of Star Wars films with the scene established usually giving a plot point, exposition, or a cool action sequence.

This is a gorgeous comic, Caanan White is easily one of the best artists working today. He gets to show a lot of range in this comic and never misses a beat.

I've chatted with Antonio extensively about the project and he has to be proud to get this book into the hands of his backers. It's a beautiful comic and I know that seeing the book transition from Imagination to the printed page has been a dream come true for him. I'm proud of the creative direction including Kid Ikaris who provided the colors for the issue. Not many colorists can handle the intricacies of Caanan White's pencils and he does a great job at it.

The only concern I have is at certain points there is way too much material conveyed and left for future installments to cover. I can imagine that condensing the story down to 48 pages had to be a nightmare from an editing perspective.

I also believe that not including Dark Santana at all in the book even as a tease may have been a mistake. The character is featured all over the promotional material and was probably a huge selling point for the series. He probably should have at least been teased in the first issue. I know the character was part of the reason I backed the project initially and I'm probably not the only one feeling that way.

Now that we're past the initial installment I'm sure the new offerings will be more focused. The sequel comic Brand: Way of the Gun is currently available on Indiegogo and although I think there are some gripes, I believe that reading 1-2 in one setting will be overall to the overall experience. Dark Santana will definitely be making an appearance in the book and looks to be a key antagonist. I'm excited by the prospect.

Brand Looks to be a hot new franchise from an awesome creative team. I had a lot of fun with the series despite the gripes and based on what we're seeing in the preview images for Way of the Gun Antonio and Caanan are just getting started.

Rating 8/10

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