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Cable #1 Review - "F*@k You Wolverine"

Gerry Duggan (Writer) • Phil Noto (Pencils-Cover)

Marvel (Publisher)

Before posting this review I broke one of my own rules and watched videos covering Cable #1. The reviews were down on the issue. While I do have some concerns with the book I don't think the title is anywhere near as bad as it was made out to be.

My first introduction to young Cable was during Dawn of X. He's a goofy character but I've found him to be endearing. Cable's personality is slightly off. He's also kinda dumb and comes off as a less abrasive version of Kid Omega.

Cable's personality along with the action-oriented nature of the issue won we over by the end. I can see myself sticking with the series at least through the first arc.

The book opens with a straight-up fight between Cable and Wolverine. Cable ends up winning the fight with little effort which was great because logic alone would dictate that Wolverine would have a really hard time against a telepath/telekinetic. It's good to see the decision's made based on logic and not the popularity of the characters.

The rest of the book follows Cable and his crew (Pixie - Armor) as they search for the missing mutant Fauna. During the search, they get into a massive fight with a giant monster. Ya Boi said that the comic felt like a children's book and it's during this segment of the comic that I agreed with him.

I don't have an issue with the book skewing younger. This incarnation of Cable is a kid. It makes sense that the character would have totally different interests than readers are expecting.

I'm a huge fan of Phil Noto's art but have never seen him do interiors. The comic looks great and he does a great job in conveying energy and the action throughout the book. It's definitely a different take on the characters but It works for the story being told. I think overall this is a great Young Adult interpretation of Cable. I also believe that this is a great 1st issue for new readers.

The only hangup I have with the book is that the comic should have been cheaper. The target audience of this book may be priced out. If the book was 1.99 or even 2.99 I think it would have been a great value proposition. I can totally see kids gravitating toward this series and characters.

The missed opportunities of Cable #1 have nothing to do with the creative team or direction. It's just an indictment on the comic book industry that the hobby is only accessible to adults with disposable income and not the young men and women that the books are clearly being aimed at.

Rating 8.5/10

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