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Crucified #3 Review - The Third Testament of The Christ

Sheldon Allen (Author) • Armin Ozdic (Pencils)

Scout Comics (Publisher) • Recommend (Highly)

One of the most interesting and unique series I'm reading right now is Crucified from Scout Comics. The Pitch sold me. Issue #2 was solid and this issue knocks it out of the park.

We get to see Lucus make his assassination attempt. The attempt is interesting as it doesn't go anywhere near how I expected. The situation leaves Lucus wondering "Is it true" is the Christ, the messiah?

There is a lot of intrigue and mounting tension in this issue that left me wanting to know what the hell was going on. The fact that no answers are being provided regarding the nature of Christ makes the story even more interesting.

The art continues to improve and Armin Ozdic seems to have found his groove. I really love the clean style as its presented and the facial expressions throughout the issue. We also get a nice cliffhanger. The situation escalates with every issue and I'm definitely locked into this series. The reviews are late. I actually have issue five which concludes the series but I wanted to keep the individual reviews coming. I'll get them done if Christ allows it.

Rating A+

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