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Crucified #4 Review - The End is Nigh

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sheldon Allen (Author) • Armin Ozdic (Pencils)

Scout Comics (Publisher) • Recommend (Highly)

Crucified is a predictable yet unique take on the second coming of Jesus Christ. We're 4 issues deed and there is no definitive answer regarding the divinity of the characters. The story surrounding christ is strong enough that the outcome has my attention no matter if it turns out one way or the other.

After failing and hesitating in taking out "The Christ" in the last installment Lucas is hit with some severe consequences as someone close to him pays the price for his failure. With renewed resolve, he makes a second attempt on the alleged savior and manages to capture him this time around.

Crucified #4 continues on as an interesting thought experiment. The book get's shockingly violent at one point and has one of the most brutal death scenes I've seen in a long time. It's possibly the worst. Things seem to go wrong for everyone involved but the only character that remains uncompromised throughout this situation is Christ. I feel that he will be tested in the next issue. The situation is very intense and could go either way for the character.

I feel that the conclusion no matter how it turns out is earned. I had no idea what to expect from the series but it's been solid and even the art that I had reservations with initially has improved drastically as the series has gone on. We were barely getting backgrounds initially and now Armin Ozdic is illustrating full-on action sequences. I highly recommend checking out Crucified. I'm late on the review but if you can find the single issues or the trade I feel the series is definitely worth a read.

Rating 9.5

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