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Crucified #5 (of 5) Review - "The Gangsta and The Christ"

Sheldon Allen (Writer) • Armin Ozdic (Pencils)

Scout Comics (Publisher) • Recommend (Highly)

Of all of the possible outcomes of Crucified, this was one that I didn't see coming. This issue gives us the highly anticipated confrontation between the assassin Lucas and The Christ. Their scenes are electric but ultimately ends too quickly and easily.

The book deserves a positive review because of the overall story direction of the series but I won't lie. Sheldon doesn't stick the landing of the confrontation between the two leads.

Minor gripes aside I don't want to spoil the comic. The issue is great and the second half of the book is the most rugged of the entire series. This is the first time I'd involve a story involving Jesus as Gangsta.

I'm not sure if we'll ever see a sequel to this story but If we ever see a show based on this material I wouldn't complain at all. This is inspired material.


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