• Baraka

Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team #1 Review - What's Your Motivation?

• Cullen Bunn (Writer) • Miguel Valderrama (Pencils-Cover)

• Jason Wordie (Colorist) • Dark Horse Comics (Publisher)

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I don't have much experience with Mike Pondsmith's Cyberpunk franchise aside what has been released about the upcoming game from CD Projekt Red. Based on this initial offering it doesn't appear that the story here ties so closely to the game that you can't follow the narrative. I imagine you see these Trauma Units in Cyberpunk and that this story covers a slice of life for one of the characters in the universe similar to what you'd see if Star Wars pointed the camera at a random stormtrooper after an encounter with a Jedi.

The comic follows Nadia and covers a mission in which she loses her squad during a rescue attempt. It's a very intense series of events in a job that would be hard to go back too. Nadia on the other hand is itching to get back into the field.

I think there is more to Nadia's reasoning than simply being anxious but that's a working theory and I believe the "Trauma" aspect of the series is what the book will be focusing on. Nadia successfully saves her client in the end. The comic documents the extraction and see her psychological evaluation and redeployment back into the field with a new Trauma unit.

The story is interesting and features frenetic action throughout. The downside to the art direction is that the comic has a lot going on and due to the Trauma team uniforms it's hard to distinguish the characters from one another. I'm guessing the layouts and design choices are based on level and character design from the upcoming game. It's a distraction but it doesn't hurt the flow of the book which moves at a brisk pace.

There isn't much else to the comic, it's a quick fun 5-minute read. There isn't much to latch on too aside from getting a deep dive into where Nadia is at the start of the story. Cyberpunk: 2077 Trauma Team #1 is a decent jumping-on point into this world with a nice cliffhanger.

Rating: 8/10