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Damage #14 Review - The Sad Reality of Reviewing a Dead Series

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Robert Venditti (Writer) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils) • HI-FI (Colorist)

• Aaron Lopresti - Hi-Fi (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now From Comixology

Damage #14 Cover by Aaron Lopresti & HI-FI Color

I knew Damage was done when I had to get this and the final issue special ordered because my Comic shop didn't bother to stock it on the shelves. Issue #13 was pretty rough, totally undermined Damage as a character with Batman getting the best of him and dumping him on an island populated by monsters.

This issue is a bit better but suffers from the hindsight of my knowing that there are two issues left and that the character hasn't appeared anywhere else since the series was canceled. This is essentially a dead series with a dead lead and the only reason to follow it is to complete the run.

The comic starts with Damage crashing on the island. He's only got about 30 minutes on his timer before he transforms back to his human identity of Ethan Avery. Damage immediately gets into a fight with a Kaiju sized dragon. He holds his own but gets K.O.ed by another monster in the form of a giant gorilla.

After awakening Ethan finds himself in the company of Congo Bill. Congo explains that the island is a preserve for the monsters captured by the Justice League. He also has a more intimate relationship with the monsters it seems (not like that).

Damage #14 is technically a good jumping on point for the series. Ethan has been removed from the regular DC playing field. This would be a great time to explore what makes the character tick or even some of his early missions as Damage. What appears is happening is that we're moving away from Damage facing superheroes and villains to being a human-sized Kaiju taking on even bigger monsters. This would have been a cool concept and differentiated Damage from being simply a Hulk clone.

Aaron Lopresti delivers some solid action and his Damage looks awesome but unfortunately, it's hard to get excited about anything knowing that the book is inconsequential. If you like Damage as a character or just have a few minutes to blow I think you'll like the issue for everyone else there are better options to get invested in.

Rating 7.5/10

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