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Daphne Byrne #1-2 Review - Who is this book for?

Laura Marks (Writer) • Kelley Jones (Pencils)

• Michelle Madsen (Colorist) • Piotr Jabtonski (Cover Artist)

Dan Quintana (Variant) DC Comics (Publisher)

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Daphne Byrne #1 was one of the last videos I posted prior to taking a hiatus as a Youtube content creator. I don't remember the actual review but I remember giving it a middling rating and mentioning that the book would have read better in trade.

Daphne Byrne #2 is interesting but it garners the same criticism I gave to #1. This doesn't appear to be a comic with a monthly release schedule in mind. Furthermore, I question why the comic wasn't just collected and released as a graphic novel. This is a complaint I've had across the Hillhouse line of comics but it's really apparent here.

The fact that the book was released this way is troubling and calls the real intent behind the series into question. I get that shops need something to sell but I can't imagine anyone picking up these two issues and being satisfied by the story.

Issue #2 is simple enough. Daphne establishes a relationship with the entity/ghost that is following her. It promises her that it will let her talk to her deceased father. It also promises to help and protect her. At one point we see her use supernatural abilities against school bullies that had been bothering her.

The comic checks in with Daphne's mother who seems to be pulled under the sway of mediums. This aspect of the story hasn't actually come into focus at this point another hint that this story is going to be thoroughly decompressed.

The script is fine, the art is decent and atmospheric which works great with the Victorian setting. None of it is particularly horrible I'm just not blown away by any aspect of the narrative. Daphne Byrne may end up being great but the story so far has been uneventful.

Rating 6/10

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