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Daphne Byrne #3 Review - Sometimes It takes 3 issues to get to the point

Laura Marks (Writer) • Kelley Jones (Pencils)

• Michelle Madsen (Colorist) • Piotr Jabtonski (Cover Artist)

DC Comics (Publisher) Get it now from Green Brain Comics

I've reviewed several issues from DC Comics in which I felt like the series should have been released as a graphic novel. Daphne Byrne squarely falls into that category. I'm starting to feel like DC knows this but doesn't have enough content to make a profit so are just getting whatever they can from these titles. I also believe that Daphne Byrne #1-2 should have been condensed into 1 issue and the series would have flowed better.

The positive about the issue is that it's a solid comic. It's still not particularly scary or creepy but it's interesting. The negative is that it took three issues to get here.

In this issue, we pick up with Daphne and her spirit companion. He communicates with her telepathically and it is clear that he knows more about Daphne and her mother's situation than he's letting on. It's also clear that he's hiding significant details about himself and I wouldn't be surprised if his form is a facade altogether. We also get to see Daphne exert more control over the spirits that seem to be dipping into our reality from another dimension.

The other plot point in the story involves Daphne's mother. After she is accosted by a man on the street she goes back to her medium for comfort. This ends up being the worst possible situation for her as she is drugged and dragged away by the medium and her cohorts for some sort of ritual. I knew the medium couldn't be trusted but I didn't see the situation escalating so quickly.

This is a well-written comic and now that we're past the setup phase of the series events should begin to make more sense and flow naturally. The last issue felt like an extension of #1 which is the fault of DC editorial pacing these stories for the eventually collected editions. I still can't say that the series is worth reading but at least we're getting somewhere.

Rating 8/10

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