• Baraka

Daphne Byrne #4 Review - Perhaps I Judged You Too Harshly...

Laura Marks (Writer) • Kelley Jones (Pencils)

• Michelle Madsen (Colorist) • Sam Wolfe Connelly (Cover Artist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now from Comixology

One of the last videos I recorded on my Youtube channel was a review ripping apart Daphne Byrne #1. Three Issues later we're looking at a story that has moved from the realm of vaguely interesting to the point of actually being captivating. I'm still not a big fan of the art but every other aspect of the series has had notable improvement.

Daphne and the entity that accompanies her visit Mr. Brooke, a skeptic. Daphne's plan is to use Brooke to assist in pulling her mother from under the influence of the con-men that have taken obvious advantage of her.

The problem here is that Daphne is also obviously being manipulated by demonic forces. The boy that follows Daphne has all but dropped the veneer of being an ally and at this point, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The series will definitely read better once collected but I think that the last two issues have been solid stand-alone installments. Decompression hurts books like these, especially with new IP and characters. I'm not sure what the sales trajectory was for this series but I'm sure that based on the pacing of the initial offerings that a lot of people probably checked out from the series as it went on.

Daphne Byrne hasn't been all bad and I'm expecting a decent conclusion. I just wish that DC had better editorial direction this is good series that could have been great with a few tweaks here and there.

Rating: 9/10