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DCeased #4 Review - Captain Atom goes boom and everybody dies (Spoilers)

Tom Taylor (Writer) • Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudino (Pencils - Inks)

Rain Beredo (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now from Comixology

DC Comics DCeased is messed up and I love it.

DCeased isn't the deepest or complex story but it does a great job of putting existing characters in rough spots and staying true to what makes them tick. Tom also does a great job of establishing tension and raising the stakes in each issue.

This issue we see things continue to go from bad to worse for our heroes. In a shocking turn of events, the opening segment of the issue depicts Captain Atom as he is mortally wounded by The Atom. Ray Palmer, infected by the Anti-Living virus and in his minuscule form begins ripping at Captain Atoms' heart creating a meltdown situation.

I would normally consider info a spoiler but since this happens at the outset of the issue it's hard not to discuss the rest of the comic without getting into it. By the end of the issue, Captain Atom explodes causing the largest loss of life we've seen too in the series too date. It's a pretty horrifying way to go and makes you think about how much worse can it get with two issues left?

Between the beginning meltdown and subsequent explosion the comic shifts and touches base with heroes and villains dealing with the crisis of their world ending. It's emotional and has some great action beats. Tom Taylor's script is tight and focuses on what matters. DCeased definitely isn't a comic where the heroes sit around eating shwarma.

I'm really enjoying this series and think I'm gonna bump the series up in my review schedule and have this series of reviews completed by Halloween. It's sort of obvious where the story is going but the ride is half the fun.

I love the art direction of the series. Hairsine and Beredo get to put together a series of disgusting events that you'd never see in DC proper and it works beautifully with the grim tone of the narrative. Even though you'd never see Cyborg blow ##### head off in a regular DC comic you feel like this story could take place in regular continuity. That's one of the strengths that this series has over something like Marvel Zombies. That series never felt like it took place in the regular 616 comic universe and eventually turned into a parody of itself.

I don't have any complaints about this issue. If you're a fan of horror or are just a sadist that likes seeing your favorite heroes get literally ripped apart this is one of the best series to sate your appetite in recent years, pun intended.

Rating 10/10