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DCeased: Unkillables #1 Review - Taking time out for the little guys

Tom Taylor (Writer) • Karl Mostert (Pencils) • Rex Lokus (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Howard Porter & Tomeu Morey (Cover)

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Tom Taylor has created one of the most unique Zombie Apocalypse scenarios I've ever seen across all media. The beauty of the Anti-Life virus is that if this virus hit our world we'd be phucked. The virus is transferred by screen technology. This mean's that your cellphone, tablet, computer, and television are potential agents for this thing. I'd imagine that western society would be taken out within a day or so.

The severity of the situation is perfectly exemplified by the opening pages of this comic. Deathstroke is in the middle of a job. He realizes the job is bigger than he expected and calls his employer. At this point, Deathstroke is immediately infected. The only reason Deathstroke survives at all is because of his Healing Factor. The implication from the opening interlude is that this world is as good as dead.

How many screens do you interact with within a day? How long would you last in this world?

DCeased: Unkillables follows two groups. One set of heroes and another group made up of villains and anti-heroes. The first group features the remaining members of the Batfamily including Red Hood, James Gordan, and Batgirl/Cassandra Cain as they try to get out of Gotham.

The second group features the aforementioned Deathstroke, his daughter Ravager, Mirror Master, Vandal Savage, Captain Cold, and a few other not so good guys. The Unkillable aspect of the series seems to be that these characters have unique advantages that allow them to survive in this world. One example is Deathstroke's healing abilities another is a unique set of lenses produced by Mirror Master that blocks out the signal of the Anti-Life Virus.

Both factions are presented in a fun way. The book is just as macabre as the main DCeased series but the tone is different. There is a lot of levity in this issue and the lighter tone is reflected in the art and color palette. The action sequences are dynamic and the staging of the action sequences are pretty awesome throughout the comic. Unkillables #1 is clearly a tie-in and maintains continuity to the main-series but the flavor is totally different and I really dug it.

In short, DCeased is the comic equivalent of Dawn of the Dead and focuses on a world falling into ruin. DCeased: Unkillables feels like The Walking Dead and focuses on the survivors. The world Tom is building at DC comics has a metric ton of potential and continues to be one of the brightest spots for the publisher.

Rating: 10/10