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Deathstroke #39 Review - Deathstroke Trips Balls & So Do I...

• Christopher Priest (Author) • Fernando Pasarin - Carlo Pagulayan (Pencils)

Jeromy Cox (Colorist) • Tyler Kirkham & Tomeu Morey (Cover Artists)

Francesco Mattina (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

It's been so long since I reviewed a Deathstroke comic that I almost forgot that it was on my pull list at one point. Issue #39 continues the Arkham storyline. Slade is an inmate in the asylum and while that much is certain, everything else in the comic is questionable.

The closest analog to Deathstroke in this arc is Jeff Lemire's Moon Knight (another excellent series). On the one hand, you have Deathstroke's unofficial sidekick Devon trying to get Slade out of the Asylum so that they can stop a potential alien invasion that only they seem to know or care about.

On the other hand, you all of that may be bullsh*t and Slade has just lost it. I think the truth is between those extremes.

Carlo & Fernando put together a great book. Everything looks perfect from the action beats to the quieter moments between characters. Even when something mundane is happening on the page the art direction either makes the panel look cool, dynamic or humorous. There is also some pretty horrible stuff going on at Arkham if taken at face value. I loved the linework and colors throughout the book. When you combine the excellent main plot and the art direction you have a great single issue.

Devon AKA Death Dasque is becoming this arcs standout character. He's essentially a Black Deadpool and is the only one that believes in the alien invasion. He has a cool look in or out of the mask and I hope he gets mileage outside of this story arc.

There is also the Two-Face - Rose subplot but that aspect of the comic didn't really do much for me so I won't spend too much time on it.

I'm curious as to how this story will play out because this entire arc has been a mindf*ck.

Here's my theory as to what's going on. I believe that everything that is not involving Deathstroke directly is real. This means that Devon's story about the invasion is real and that Two-Face really has kidnapped Rose.

I think that the stuff in the Asylum is in flux because of the medication that Slade is on. There is also a possibility that the invading aliens have taken over the asylum which would explain how there's a Two-Face in the institute and also with Rose. If Devon's story is real it doesn't really make sense that the Villains stopped an invasion and ended back in the asylum a couple of weeks later. I don't trust any of it and it should make Issue #40 even more fun when all is revealed.

Overall a pretty solid issue, fun story, great art my only real knocks on the issue are that the running subplot with Slade's kids isn't as interesting as the main story and throws the pacing off at times. I'm also really burned out on Harvey Dent, dude needs a vacation.

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Rating B+

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