• Baraka

Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special #1 Review - Smarter Than Your Average Assassin

Updated: Jan 13

Frank Tieri (Writer) • Mark Texeira (Pencils)

Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto (Cover Artists) • Jeromy Cox (Colorist)

Paolo Pantalena & Arif Prianto (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Yogi Bear-Deathstroke is an extremely weird crossover that manages to do the impossible in blending two unlikely characters into a funny and violent adventure. The story stuck with me long after I finished reading.

While collecting a bounty in Jellystone Park Deathstroke is approached by Yogi Bear with a job to locate Boo Boo, who has gone missing. Deathstroke surprisingly takes the job. They begin their search and Yogi reveals that in addition to Boo Boo being missing, the animals of Jellystone have also become more aggressive and violent.

Yogi and Deathstroke eventually encounter Ranger Smith as he tries to save a group of people from the animals. They team up and manage to clear the area. From there the Men and Bear continue searching for Boo Boo only to get involved in a much larger conspiracy.

The key strength of this crossover is that the story is smart quick and extremely violent. The art from Mark Texeira is amazing and the design used for Yogi is top-notch. On top of the excellent art direction, the script is smart and snappy without falling into the trap of being ironic and pretentious.

Deathstroke manages to retain his personality without being dumbed down and the characters from the Classic Yogi cartoons manage to stay true to how you remember them. The result is an excellent blend that manages to entertain from beginning to end and should satisfy fans of both franchises.

These crossovers continue to impress and this issue is no exception.

Rating 10/10