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Decorum #3 Review - You can't be a Killer without a Body...

Jonathan Hickman (Writer) Mike Huddleston (Artist)

Sasha E. Head (Design) •Image (Publisher)

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Decorum #3 dials back the otherwordly elements and gives us a pretty straight forward issue. One of my biggest complaints to date has been that the more out-there ideas have been hard to follow. This comic is easy to read and as a consequence is the strongest issue of the series to date.

The book picks up with Lady Morley and Neha as Neha goes through the application process for entry into the "Sisterhood of Man". She's there with several other assassins that have all amassed a considerable body count. Neha on the other hand has never killed anyone which makes her an odd choice in the eyes of the interviewer.

I'm really starting to like these characters. Lady Marley's relentless politeness in light of her brutal profession is a nice contrast to everyone else we've encountered to this point in the series. It's also unnerving to Neha who like most people see it as pointless posturing. It's also worth pointing out that of all the characters introduced in the series Neha is the closest we've seen to an innocent., She's not, but objectively she's nowhere near as bad as the other criminals.

As with House of X and Powers of X, I enjoy the more grounded elements of Hickman's writing. The singularity stuff is interesting and beautiful to look at but it's easy to get overwhelmed. This is the first issue of Decorum that I didn't need to read several times to understand.

The art style is sketchier and I imagine that this was a lot quicker issue for Huddleson to draw than previous installments. I'd be lying If I said that I thought the pencils were better in this issue but where the art takes a step back the script easily makes up for it.

I initially dropped Decorum from my pull list but after reading issue #3 I decided to continue collecting the series. It's simply stunning to look at and the story is developing nicely. In a world where concepts are rehashed over and over again, Decorum is a nice change of pace and worth digging into. You just gotta stick with the series to get something out of it.

Rating 9/10