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Detective Comics #996 Review - Tomasi Does What King Don't

Peter J Tomasi (Author) • Doug Mahnke (Pencils)

David Baron (Colorist) • Doug Mahnke, David Baron, Jaime Mendoza (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher)

I just reviewed Batman #62 from Tom King and it's almost surreal how different the take on the Batman character is in this series. Whereas Tom's Dark Knight almost feels ineffectual and weak, Tomasi's Batman feels like one of the toughest and capable bastards you'll ever run into. It's really striking especially reading both series back to back.

Detective Comics #996 begins with the aftermath of a brutal takedown of his rogues in Arkham. I really wish we could have got to see the fight but I'll give the omission a pass because this issue is generally awesome.

The rest of the comic remains focused on Bruce's investigation of the attack on Alfred in his home and the murder of Leslie Thompkins in the previous issue.

The comic takes Bruce around the world as he encounters Henry Deckard, the man that trained him to track enemies. He also has a really cool scene in one of the monasteries in which he learned how to fight.

The issue features another cool cliffhanger as the excitement ramps up toward the #1000 anniversary issue. The art is great and the pacing of the book is perfect. How Tomasi isn't the writer on the main Batman title is beyond me. I will pick up the pace on my Batman reviews, at least on Detective comics. It's not a slog like the Tom King run has been. Now that we're past that god awful Two-Face arc the last few issues have been perfect.

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Rating 10/10

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