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Detective Comics #997 Review **Warning** Reading This Comic Book May Make Your Balls Drop

Peter J Tomasi (Writer) • Doug Mahnke (Pencils)

David Baron (Colorist) • Doug Mahnke, David Baron, Jaime Mendoza (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher)

A few issues ago (my time, this review is Late AF). I was totally on the edge of dropping Detective Comics. The previous arc nearly broke me and If I never see Two-Face as an antagonist again It would be too soon.

Flash forward da few issues and Peter Tomasi is providing the blueprint for how to tell a great Batman story. Peter's Batman isn't perfect or infallible but he's one of the most competent men on earth. If Bruce doesn't have a solution on hand he has the drive, resources, and contacts to make something happen. That's Batman's Superpower, it goes a lot deeper than simply being rich.

The comic opens with Batman and Thaddeus Brown, the original Mr. Miracle just waking up from the last issue's cliffhanger and stuck in an old-school death trap. The room fills with water. Things quickly escalate as they are submerged and then sharks are released into the room.

Thaddeus attempts to keep up with Batman but in his aged state, he barely hangs on, losing oxygen and exerting a ton of energy trying to help Bruce. The two men finally get a handle on things and then Pirhanas are released.

That's just the first half of the comic book and things get even crazier.

This is a very intense comic and it's great seeing Bruce's ingenuity on display as he works his way through the trap. I'm not a fan of the "I'm Batman" version of the character. The Batman that instantly has a solution for whatever situation pops up. This is the version we fell in love with when we watched Adam West and Burt Ward work their way out of traps. The difference is that this Batman leaves the camp behind and has a testosterone boost.

I'm not familiar with the original Mr. Miracle, Thaddeus Brown but I enjoyed his role in the comic. I also think his portrayal may have been a slight dig at Tom King's more indecisive takes on the characters. Kings Mr. Miracle may be younger but Thaddeus would be the guy I called in a pinch.

The art looks amazing and there is a ton of action from beginning to end of the issue. The events of Detective Comics #1000 have been spoiled for me but I'm still enjoying the leadup to the milestone and will review the book when I eventually get there. This is a sterling example of what Batman can be in the right hands.


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