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Dick Tracy Forever: #4 (of 4) Review - Cyberpunk 2031

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Michael Avon Oeming (Writer-Pencils) • Taki Soma (Colorist)

IDW (Publisher)

Dick Tracy Forever started out simple but transitioned into being the most complex story involving the detective that I've ever read. The story also goes from being an examination of modern-day white-collar crime in issue #3 to an eerie sci-fi scenario that feels more plausible than most would care to admit in this final installment.

My reaction to this series has been mixed but I've enjoyed it for what it was. My biggest issue with the title has been that the books have been so loose narratively that this did not feel like a title that justified the $3.99 cover price. Although I still cannot recommend buying this title in floppies, I do believe that if IDW had released the series as a Graphic Novel or presented "the twist" earlier in the series I would have enjoyed the earlier issues a bit more.

Due to the nature of the reveal, I won't spend too much time explaining the plot. Doing so would ruin it for anyone that has been patient with the series so far. What I will say is that you will get definitive answers. Michael has not just been pulling random Dick Tracy stories out of his ass and there is a reason for all of the time jumps and weird continuity errors presented throughout the series. It's clever and now I want to reread the series over again to see if I missed any other details that That Michael may have slipped in.

The art isn't really my cup of tea but it was nice to see Michael cut loose in a future setting. He's clearly having fun here and it comes across in the linework. You'd think that Dick Tracy would stick out like a sore thumb in the future but he doesn't which reinforces the timelessness of the character, and his appeal.

Overall this issue was easily my favorite of the series. It's a nice detour from the regular comics on my pull list. I'd argue that the title should have shipped at $2.99 or less in this format. I wouldn't recommend single issues unless you're getting a break on the cover price. If you can read the series in one setting do so I think it will work out better that way.

I'd still like a gritty realistic take on the character or at least something in the mode of the 90's movie. One thing that is clear is that Dick Tracy doesn't have to be confined to the Golden Age of comics. His worldview may seem too black and white in regards to our modern sensibilities but It's part of the reason I find the character so endearing and also the reason he'll be around forever.

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Rating 8.5/10

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