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Drawing Blood #2 Review - Picking Up The Pieces

Kevin Eastman - David Avallone (Creator-writer) • Ben Bishop (Pencils-Cover)

Brittany Peer (Colorist) • Kevin Eastman Studios (Publisher) • Get it Now (Comixology)

Usually, when someone says that a comic is tailor-made for television/streaming series it's in a negative light. Drawing Blood is streaming series waiting to happen but it's also one of the most unique and meta comics I've ever read.

Quick recap, Drawing Blood is a semi-autobiographical comic from the mind of Kevin Eastman and co-written by David Avallone. The book follow-s Shane Bookman and details his rise fall and falling out with his business partner after selling the rights to the breakout hit "Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls".

This issue picks up with the cliffhanger of the last issue. Bookman is surrounded by gangsters and threatened at gunpoint if he doesn't pay the debt his deceased business partner left behind. He's also forced to provide an autographed picture of one of the Ragdolls. After a timely de-escalation, the comic transitions to auditions for one of the plays that Bookman is working on.

The comic reads like a slice of life for our lead character. The story is funny and has great pacing and quite frankly is a solid reading experience. I think you'll find enjoyment whether you're reading this as a fan of TMNT or have no interest in the classic franchise. I also think the comic works as a single issue which is surprising in light of the subject matter. It would be very easy for Drawing Blood to be a decompressed talking head comic but it never goes that route and I really appreciated the storytelling method while reading.

Shane Bookman is a lovable loser who seems to be being set up for a redemption arc but it's too early to say. He could easily wind up face first in a gutter somewhere. In any case checkout Drawing Blood or Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls. When the series pops up on HBO MAX just know I called it.

Rating: 8/10

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