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Eric Henson's: Eden #4 (of 4 ) Review - Indie Comics are the Future

• Eric Henson (Author -Pencils)• Michael Babinski & Ross Doan (Inks)

Benny Fuentes (Colorists) • Alterna Comics (Publisher)

Eden #4 concludes the series in epic fashion and maintains the quality writing and art direction I've come to expect from this title. We finally get a direct confrontation between Neriah and Ghost with her son's destiny hanging in the balance.

I still haven't read the first issue of this series so I'm not sure if there were hints regarding Ghosts backstory dropped before this one. Even if this is the only issue you read of the series, the villains backstory is still pretty cool and a lot more interesting than I expected.

The comic is mostly action oriented with few lore tidbits dropped here and there. The action set pieces are amazing and the colors once again shine as the highlight of the book. When someone says that a newsprint book can't compete with a mainstream title show them a copy of Eden.

I don't have many complaints when it comes to the series but I do feel that Eric does cheat slightly with this conclusion and with the narrative. At the end of the last issue we got a huge cliffhanger involving Ghost and Avion. In this issue we kind of gloss over Avion's reaction to the information that was presented there. Because of the transition between books It almost feels like an issue is missing.

In addition to the previous complaint I also believe that the last page of this issue is a bit of a cop out. The series sets up a definitive and bold conclusion that I felt was perfect until the script decides to drop sequel bait.

I understand a creator not wanting to slam the door for a potential follow-up but in a visual medium where literally anything is possible the bait seemed unnecessary and undermined the strongest scene of the series.

Despite the conclusion I still found the series to be thoroughly entertaining. At the time of writing you can get the entire series on Comixology for around $4.00 the price of a standard comic book.

This leads me to a sidebar conversation I want to have about Alterna Comics as a publisher. Eden and Feast or Famine represent the best examples of Alterna Comics and their contrast to the mainstream comic book industry.

These comics are simply gorgeous to look at in regards to color and print quality. I reviewed The Curse of Brimstone #8 a couple days ago and although the obvious difference in paper stock, Eden looks better. Where Brimstone features washed out and muted colors, Eden and Feast or Famine feature vibrant colors that match-up so well that its hard to justify a $2-3 markup in cover pricing.

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding piracy and I think one of the main reasons for the proliferation of pirated comics is the increased cover price. Alterna Comics shatters the notion that a quality comic needs to start at a $3.99 entry point.

In conclusion, Eden is an amazing series that deserves to be read despite my reservations regarding the conclusion. The series is fun to look at and the concepts presented are imaginative throughout. There is a lot of lore and as stated in a prior review I think the series would translate well into other mediums. I could totally see a Table-Top RPG in this setting or a Netflix series. Although I hate the sequel bait as presented in this issue I wouldn't be against revisiting this setting down the line if Eric decides that he has another story to tell.

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Rating B+

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