• Baraka

Eskimo Kisses One-Shot Review - 30 Days of Night Meets 28 Days Later...

Christopher Sebela - Randy Stone (Writers) • Henry Ponciano (Artist)

Marina Krivenko (Cover) • Scout Comics (Publisher)

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I liked The Eskimo Kisses One-Shot a lot even though it was hard to ignore the obvious influences on the series while reading it.

The comic follows a husband and wife under siege by Eskimos. It sounds really goofy but the comic clarifies that these Eskimos are based on the original definition which means "Eater of Flesh". It's also pretty clear that the creatures featured in the book aren't zombies. At least what we would normally consider being zombies.

The story is a lot of fun if you're a fan of horror. Once we get our first encounter with the Eskimos the story moves quickly. These creatures most resemble the creatures from 28 days later in speed and ferocity. The art direction most resembles Ben Templesmith's work on 30 Days of Night. The creatures aren't zombies or vampires but they may as well be. It's a nice blend without ripping off either franchise.

Henry Ponciano provides the linework. A majority of the one-shot feels like a screenplay. It would be easy to see this material translated into a movie on Netflix. The colors are also standout. Aside from the blood-red eyes of the Eskimos the pages of the one-shot are a washed-out grey. This is a nice touch and goes a long way in differentiating the Eskimos from the survivors.

This is a pretty dark story with a pretty bleak outcome. If you can take the story for what it is and enjoy it, Eskimo Kisses is a great value here at 2.99. It's a complete experience and if the story is ever adapted for steaming I'd definitely watch it.

Rating 8/10