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Fallen Angels #2 Review - The only Dawn of X title to be canceled and I know why...

Bryan Hill (Writer) • Szymon Kudranski (Pencils)

• Frank D'Armata (Colorist) • Ashley Witter (Cover Artist)

Marvel (Publisher)

Fallen Angels was my most anticipated Dawn of X title. The hype wasn't over any of the characters or the pitch. I'm a huge Brian Edward Hill fan and after his run on Detective Comics and Killmonger the Idea of the creator on an X-Title just seemed like a money move.

Fallen Angels is shaping up to be the first misfire in his catalog, at least in my eyes. The first issue was a mixed bag that ended up being a net positive. This issue devolves into a mess by the end. The biggest problem with the issue is the art direction. The book is way too dark. I don't mean tonally. What I mean is that you can't make out what's happening on some of the pages. I know the choice to keep the lighting dark is intentional but it takes away from the story. This is especially true when you're trying to make out what's happening during an action sequence.

The script also feels a tad pretentious. Its almost as if every line of dialogue is supposed to be deeper than it actually is. It worked in the last issue with Sinister. He's a theatrical character but when every piece of exposition feels overly dramatic it veers into a writer being self-indulgent.

The comic focuses mainly on Kawanna's (Psylocke) interactions with X-23 and Cable. She's cryptic and mysterious throughout the comic. These scenes are interspersed with flashbacks to Kawanna's time before her life with the X-Men. These sequences are lit so poorly I almost missed that the character we were following was Kawanna. These are the most interesting parts of the book but are held back by the art and really overblown dialogue.

You combine all of these elements and it feels like the series is a bit superfluous. Fallen Angels is currently on hiatus but I think it was canceled based on the premise not having enough gas to sustain a series. We're two issues deep and I'm already bored and asking what's the point? It may turn into a solid series before the end but I'm not surprised at all that it's been canceled.

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Rating 6/10

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