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Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1 (of 2) Review - A Perfect Guide to Marvel's First Family

Tom Scioli (Writer - Artist ) • Chris Robinson (Editor)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it Now From Green Brain Comics

I discovered Tom Scioli with IDW's Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe series. I also really enjoyed the reimagined Go-Bots series that dropped last year. This is my first time seeing Tom on a Big 2 comic and the results are glorious.

Fantastic Four: Grand Design follows the footsteps of Ed Piskors X-Men: Grand Design in that it reframes the original books along with the broader Marvel Universe. This acts to make the entire narrative even more cohesive than Stan or Jack could have done. That's not a slight against the original creators. It's just that stories like these benefit from having 70 years of hindsight and continuity. Special consideration must also be given to Chris Robinson who had the gargantuan task of editing this project.

The issue dives into the character's lives pre-Fantastic Four as well as the broader Cosmic Universe. It then shifts focus and covers issues #1 through the "Coming of Galactus" storyline of the original series.

The characters feel true to themselves and the voices given to them by the original creators. When I see Scioli's art style I immediately think of Jack Kirby. Jack is one of my favorite artists so when I saw that Tom was attached to the project I added it to my pull list immediately. I saw the Kirby influences all over this issue but I've also read enough of Tom Scioli's work to see the distinction in the material.

The attention to detail is almost overwhelming but I believe it adds to the readability of the title. Fantastic Four: Grand Design is a book I believe that fans can pick up and probably see something different every time. This is an exceptional love letter to Marvel's First Family and their early adventures.


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