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Feast or Famine #2 Review - Simply Stunning

Dave Swartz (Author-Colorist) • Joseph Cooper (Pencils-Inks)

Wes Locher (Letters) • Alterna Comics (Publisher)

I reviewed #1 of Feast or Famine a few months back and absolutely loved it. This was the first narrative-driven comic I've ever read that felt l like a huge action set piece. A bulk of the credit for the success of this book goes to the creative team of Dave Swartz and Joseph Cooper. Dave acts as writer and colorist while Joseph Cooper provides the pencils.

Dave deserves special credit for his colorwork. He joins Kyle Ritter and Jordie Bellaire as one of the best colorists working today and the feat is even more impressive because Feast or Famine is printed on newsprint. The color quality isn't supposed to be this good but it's just as good as any mainstream books on the shelves.

The story moves to the next phase as our leads Nickolas Teska and Albalien Stein cross dimensions. Things almost immediately go wrong and the comic shifts from narrative to action focus without missing a beat. The second half of the issue contains a huge swerve and cliffhanger so I won't spoil it in this review. I knew something was wrong but I didn't quite figure it out. It will be very interesting to see how the series plays out with one issue left.

The only knock I can put on the comic is that I would have chosen a different cover. I had the series on my pull list so It wasn't really competing for shelf space. Next to other comics in my collection, it's kind of bland. This is the reason it took me so long to publish a follow-up review. The art for the cover looks good but it's generic and bland. Next to most other books it just doesn't stand out, it's just another comic.

Feast or Famine hits the ground running and never stops. The art is great and really energetic and the locales are all distinct and interesting. The story is also a lot of fun and offers wonder, suspense, and genuine mysteries as the issue goes on. I can't find anything about the story or art direction to complain about. This is an amazing story of exploration that reminds me most of the Fantastic Four or the Challengers of the Unknown. For $1.50 you simply can't go wrong here.

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Rating A

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