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Feast or Famine #3 Review - Crafting a Masterpiece in Three Parts

Dave Swartz (Writer-Colorist) • Joseph Cooper (Pencils-Inks)

Wes Locher (Letters) • Alterna Comics (Publisher) • Get it now from Alternaaccess.com

If it wasn't for my Sloth-Like review schedule I would have probably ranked Feast or Famine as one of the top mini-series of 2019. The comic is a darkhorse candidate but worthy of consideration. Alterna Comics is a true independent comic publisher. They fight just to get their books on shelves and when you do see their titles they tend to be the best value proposition available.

I'm not just praising the book for the $1.50 price point. The art, story, and colors art top-notch and special shout-out should be given to Dave Swartz's color direction. The book is printed on newsprint but still manages to be one of the best looking comics I've reviewed since starting this blog.

It's hard to imagine an action-adventure story starring Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein but that's what we have in Feast or Famine, sorta. The reason the story works so well is the aforementioned color direction. The book also uses comics place as a visual medium and takes advantage. The world presented is bright, imaginative and the worlds visited by our lead characters as beautiful as they are horrifying.

In addition to the shockingly gorgeous layouts, Nickolas Teska and Albalien Stein are both presented as men of action. No panel layouts are wasted. The characters appear competent and decisive and are always drawn in a position of strength. This makes the scientific theories and jargon easier to digest because everything presented is interesting to look at or ponder upon. Someone has been reading "How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way".

The cliffhanger on the last issue is resolved in the first 3rd of the comic. I just reviewed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #38. That comic also had a cliffhanger that was resolved almost immediately. I marked that comic down for it but gave Feast or Famine a pass. The reason being that the resolution springboards the characters forward into another adventure. The plot point resolved in Power Rangers literally changed nothing and invalidated the previous issue entirely.

The Pivot in Feast or Famine #3 expands the world and presents more questions than answers regarding the setting. The comic even touches on philosophical concepts like the nature of reality. Feast or Famine takes the best elements of titles like Fantastic Four, Lost in Space, or Challengers of the Unknown and repackages them without the baggage of 70 years of continuity. This is an amazing title and contains many of the elements that got me into comics in the first place.

Rating 10/10

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