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Freedom Fighters #3 Review - Breaking Generational Curses

Robert Venditti (Writer) • Eddy Barrows (Pencils)

Adriano Lucas (Colorist) • Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas (Cover Artists)

One of the hardest and visually shocking comics on the shelves is Freedom Fighters. It's almost criminal that I'm this late posting reviews but I will get through the series, promise.

Robert Venditti is one of the few writers out there that will write a single issue that reads fast AF but carries the emotional weight of most entire series. You may get through the comic in 5 minutes but you'll never feel ripped off or like you've wasted your time.

This issue opens with the death of Adolph Hitler, which happens to coincide with the anniversary of the brutal executions of the original Freedom Fighters team.

Adolph's son takes over as Furer and the book flashes forward to the series current events. As mentioned above the book reads fast but is deeply atmospheric and delivers a powerful narrative. The opening scenes with Hitler and the executed heroes carry the same weight as the previous issue and is just as jarring.

The rest of the comic follows a desperate mission and also spotlights Black Condor's origins. The pain and regrets he feels for abandoning his family to break generational curses of oppression are very heavy. As an African-American and first-generation college student, this subplot resonated with me a lot.

The Idea of having the ability to cut loose and do damage to the system but still being forced to hold back for the sake of the mission frustrates Black Condor even as he's ripping Nazi air support apart. The reality is that this is a small group versus the Nazis. Their mission is to save an entire nation that has been humbled by the Reich.

I'd really love to give a blow by blow of the issue, but the story is almost entirely shaped by key events. I'd rather the reader experience the story and not spoil the book here. Robert Venditti is one of the best writers in comics and he deserves the space to tell his story without it being ruined.

Rating 10/10

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