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Future State: Swamp Thing #1 Review - Swamp Thing, I Think I Love You?

Ram V (Writer) • Mike Perkins (Pencils)

• Mike Perkins & June Chung (Cover) • June Chung (Colorist)

Dima Ivanov (Variant) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Green Brain Comics)

Swamp Thing is one of the few established mainstream characters that I've never seen involved in a bad comic. That doesn't mean that they don't exist I just haven't read them. I'm happy to report that this issue doesn't let me down and is actually my favorite Future State title so far.

I'm not 100% of the exact timeframe Future State falls into but If appears that Swamp Thing is even further along in the timeline. and exists in a post-apocalypse scenario. The setting reminds me a lot of The Walking Dead. Swamp Thing is still alive and has created a group of Swamp creatures that exists with their own distinct personalities. They travel the world and act as his family and tribe.

He leads this group in the hope of finding any signs of human survival. Something has caused them to disappear while leaving behind the traces of their society. Some of the tribe agree with Swamp Thing as he is their elder. Others see him as delusional and feel that he loves humanity more than he loves his creations. The search continues until the group happens upon a frightened Human that manages to kill one of the group members.

I liked this issue a lot and think the next issue will be even better. I watched a "Comics Matter" video which basically spent 10 minutes calling the pitch "woke" or "SJW" I didn't pick up on that at all while reading and if you did please point it out to me.

The cast is very diverse in appearances and personalities. Even with the knowledge that the group is basically an extension of Swamp Thing himself you get a lot of different perspectives on the journey they embark on. We've seen similar scenario's before in Tom King's Vision run and even more recently in Dan Didio and Shane Davis's "Metal Men" mini-series.

The comic also includes painstakingly intricate art detailing the anatomy of Swamp Things creations. The infographics provided by Ram V/Perkins reminded me of what we get in Jonathan Hickman's "Dawn of X" run at Marvel. The focus here is a lot better than what we're getting in other books that attempt to use the storytelling format. I felt Iike I was reading the notes of Victor Frankenstein as he detailed the creation of his monster.

The cliffhanger of Future State: Swamp Thing #1 promises more action but earns the switch in tone as the setup and payoff in this issue is actually great. The art also shines as Mike Perkins makes all of the Swamp Things distinct in appearance. He also manages to explore several abilities that I didn't even know the character had.

All of this comic goodness is housed in a pretty bleak setting which begs the question of what the hell is going on. I can't wait for the second issue. Swamp Thing is definitely at the top of the Future State pile.

Rating: 9.5/10

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