• Baraka

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Review - The Brazilian Wonder Woman Kick's Ass

Joelle Jones (Writer-Artist) • Jordie Bellaire (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now from Greenbrain Comics

Based on all of the info out there about Yara Flor I expected to be blown away by Future State Wonder Woman #1. Although there is a lot to like about DC's New Wonder Woman and the potential of the series, I wasn't impressed by the issue.

On a positive note, I love Yara's character design. Aside from the obvious race swap, there are some cool references to a mythology that doesn't get much attention in mainstream comics. It was also nice to see creatures pulled directly from Brazilian culture. Yara's costume is cool. Her weapons and toolset are distinct enough to make the character feel like more than a palette swap from Diana. As far as legacy characters we've seen a lot worse in recent years.

The story itself didn't resonate with me. I understand comics not taking themselves too seriously but the story has no narrative tension. The humor doesn't land and the pitter-patter dialogue between the leads took me out of the story at several points.

None of my gripes may damper your experience while reading. I can totally this character taking off and potentially becoming more popular than the mainline Wonder Woman. The character is new and looks cool but aside from the branding name and aesthetic this one feels like another generic legacy character at least at this stage.

There is a lot of action in the issue and the fantasy elements are a nice touch. For what it's worth the art looks amazing throughout the issue. I see why the character has gotten positive feedback. There's nothing egregious or offensive about the issue. Future State Wonder Woman #1 just didn't stand out amongst the stack of comics in my pile this week.

Rating: 7/10