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Giant-Sized X-Statix #1Review - Giant-Sized X-Statix #1 is Fan Service Done Right

Peter Milligan (Writer) • Michael "Doc" Allred (Artist)

Laura Allred (Colorist) • Marvel (Publisher)

X-Statix was the strangest X-Series on the shelves at the time of its release. It's also one of my favorite titles of all time. The comic was an underrated gem and worth tracking down if you can get your hands on the series.

One of the selling points of the original run was the team's body count. New characters would be introduced in one issue and be killed off in the next. The book famously began as an X-Force relaunch with the entire advertised team killed off in the first issue.

This comic picks up some time in the future. Some of the team members remain dead. Others have retired and have moved on. In some instances, the children of the original X-Statix team have taken on their parent's mantles. The plot reminded me of Tekken 3 but we can leave the comparison there.

It's been a really long time since I read the last issue of X-Statix so I'm a little foggy on some of the plot points. I vaguely remember the daughter of U-Go-Girl, Edie Sawyer. She's a big focus of this book and a majority of the comic centers around her coming to grips with her origins. A reassembled X-Statix team attempts to recruit her to take on a new threat but she wants no part of her mother's team or legacy.

As goofy as the comic is it's also surprisingly poignant. Giant-Sized X-Statix is a love letter to the original run. found myself feeling really nostalgic while reading and I'm glad to see that Peter, Mike, and Laura haven't lost a step at all. It was also great seeing The Orphan and Doop again in their classic roles. The new characters also blend in with the old so well that it almost feels like the series never ended.

I'm not sure how readily available this One-Shot is or if the advertised relaunched series, X-Cellence is still being produced in light of Hickman taking over the X-Line of titles. If not, I'm fine with this issue being a capstone to a great series. It was fun to revisit this world. Giant-Sized X-Statix is the best type of nostalgia. It gives you want as a fan and does not subvert expectations.

Rating 10/10

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