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God and Gears #1 Review - Gorilla's Make Everything Better

Ryan Winn (Writer) • Dean Kotz (Pencils-Colors)

Alterna Comics (Publisher) • Get If now from AlternaAccess.com

Gods and Gears tricked me into thinking that it fell into the Superhero genre. It's not, which was a shock considering the co-lead is a dead ringer for DC Comics Blue Beetle.

This issue starts in 1910 when stunt driver Jimmy "Shotgun" King falls through a time portal transporting him back to 1890 and apparently a different dimension. Here he meets Eli, an explorer looking to make a name for himself using his grandfather's inventions.

Gods and Gears is a lot like an 8-bit game where the title character gets stranded in a faraway land and has to find their way home. Think Super Mario Bros or Captain N The Games Master. The two lead characters are cool and contrast nicely. Over the course of the issue our heroes are chased by talking gorillas and a woman possessed by an evil entity. You can't go wrong with talking gorillas.

The entire issue is fun and efficient in selling the concept and setting. Ryan and Dean also keep the more outlandish material grounded which makes even the weirdest stuff easy to understand and digest. This is another fun Alterna Title and another great launch to a new IP.

Rating: 8.5/10

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