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Graveyard Shift Vol: 1 Review - Universal Studios Monsters Meet X-Men, A Match Made In Hell

Jon Malin (Writer-Artist) • Mark Poulton (Writer)

• Anthony George (Colorist) • Get it now on Indiegogo

Graveyard Shift was one of the few big #Comicgate books that I passed on during the original campaign. Don't get me wrong, I thought the idea of Universal Monsters being the X-Men was very interesting. I'm just not a big fan of Jon Malin as an artist. He's a very nice and personable guy online, but the art style generally does not land for me.

I finally jumped on board during the second campaign when I saw the Andrew Huerta variant. The cover was hot and due to the positive word of mouth, I figured I'd take a chance and check it out. I received my copies of Vol: 1 and 2 last week and had a great time with the graphic novels.

The title follows three primary protagonists that have been genetically altered against their will. The result of the manipulation gives them traits of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and The Bride of Frankenstein. The book flashes back and forward in time filling in the backstories of the heroes and villains. The characters are also hated and feared by the majority of society. This adds to the X-Men vibe but not too the point that the series feels like a rip-off or reskin of the Marvel franchise.

Malin and Poulton do the right thing and focus the story on a small cast of heroes. Most team books present several or more heroes which leads to crowding or characters being lost in the shuffle. Teams of three or four seem to be a sweet spot for groups. Vladimir Blud, Lillith Mayhew, and her husband, head of security Mick Mayhew all have a pretty cool design. While reading I kept thinking that Graveyard Shift would have made a great 90s style arcade beat-em-up.

Despite my reservations regarding the art, the character designs and action sequences are great. The atmosphere keeps the horror vibe throughout. The blending of multiple genres makes Graveyard shift one of the most fun crowdfunded books I've read to date. Graveyard Shift may be grafted from X-Men, but with the merry mutants being one of the most popular and successful IPs in comics it's hard to argue with the logic behind the move.

Everything gets in the graphic novel. The third installment of Graveyard shift is available and has racked over 100K in less than 24 hours. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person that this franchise is resonating with.


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